XR 500 1983 n°69

This XR500R was rebuilt on march 2022 with special golden rim, look very nice isn't it ?

The XR500 was one of the most used motorbike by private riders on the Paris Dakar that year. Robust, reliable, she even won the women's category.

This XR was sold on march 2022 with its regular title, Honda brand, type PE03
XR500 n°69 restauration CLASSIC RED-3.jpg engine ready to be assembled Honda XR500R n°69.jpg XR500R 1984 jante anodisée or n°69.jpg XR500R n°69 rayonnage roue avant.jpg XR500 n°69 restauration CLASSIC RED.jpg XR500 n°69 restauration CLASSIC RED-4.jpg cadre aprés sablage XR500 n°69.jpg IMG_3418.jpg IMG_3417.jpg IMG_3415.jpg XR500R 1984 jante anodisée or n°69 Honda.jpg
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