Rebuilt Honda XLR 500 1982

Completely disassemble a Honda XL500R. Inspect, clean, repair, repair, every part. Spend a lot of time on important elements such as the engine. Find craftspeople who are willing to work on "old" ones. Find the parts more available from the manufacturer and that's the job. A certified expert has monitored the reconstruction and certify the job quality.
Tél. : 06 07 98 11 37
honda-xl-500r-0051-1.jpg honda-xl-500r-00711.jpg honda-xl-500r-0061.jpg xl-500r-027.jpg honda-xl-500r-015.jpg honda-xl-500r-013.jpg xl-500r-023.jpg xl-500r-021.jpg xl-500r-022.jpg xl-500r-004.jpg honda-xl-500r-00811.jpg honda-xl-500r-00611.jpg honda-xl-500r-0031.jpg
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