Speedometer box Honda XL and XR - 44800-KF0-023

Speedometer box Honda XL and XR

143,33 € 49,17 € 59 excl VAT
New set, provided with the cable screw
Fit for all the Honda with 21" front wheel
XL125R with front brake disk 44800-KE1-761/2
XL250R, XR250 with front brake disk 44800-KF0-003/013/023, 44800-KCZ-003
XL350R, XR350 with front brake disk 44800-KF0-003/013/023, 44800-MK5-003/013
XL600R, XR500, XR600 until 1992 44800-KF0-003/013/023, 44800-MG2-003, 44800-MK5-003/013
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