Motorcycles - HONDA XL250 R

XL250R single cylinder enduro 4-stroke, single overhead cam, 4-valve,  closely derived from the larger XL500R.

model year 1982 France 238cc, chassis number MD03-4000001 to 4099999, Engine MD03E-4000001 to 4099999
Germany 15CV limited MD03-3000001 to 3099999, Engine MD03E-3000001 to 3099999
Genuine 250cc Full Power MD03-5000001 thru 5099999 Engine MD03E-5000001 thru 5099999
model year 1983, chassis number JH2MD03XXDM100001 to DM199999, engine MD03E-5100001 to 5199999

Brand new with RFVC engine from 1984 chassis MD11-5000001 to 5099999, engine MD11E-5000001 to 5099999
In North America JH2MD11XXEK000001 to EK006454
Model 1985 chassis MD11-5100001 to 5199999, engine MD11E-5100001 to 5199999
In Canada JH2MD110XFK000373 to FK104434, engine MD11E-5100001 to 5199999
1986 model for North America JH2MD11XXGK200001 to GK209999, engine MD11E-5200001 to 5299999
1987 model in Europe chassis MD11-5200001 to 5299999, engine MD11E-5300001 to 5399999
for North America JH2MD11XXHK300001 to HK309999, engine MD11E-2300001 to 2399999

Specialist for Honda XL250 R, CLASSIC- RED offers restored motorbikes. We restore following the Honda technical specifications. This XL250R is ready to run like it was on its first day. Our motorbikes are sold with a 2 years warranty.