Motorcycles - HONDA XLR 600

XL600R single cylinder enduro 4 stroke, single overhead camshaft, 4 RFVC valves. Appeared in 1983, it quickly became a reference in terms of sensation in monos.

model year 1983 chassis number PD03-5000001 to 5099999, Engine PD03E-5000001 to 5099999
North America Chassis No. JH2PD030XDM00001 to DM99999, Engine PD03E-5000001 to 5099999
In Europe, in 1984, it was the 1983 model that continued to be sold.
In North America model 1984 chassis number JH2PD03XXEM10001 to EM19999, Engine PD03E-5100001 to 5199999
model year 1985 chassis n° PD03-5100001 to 5199999, Engine PD03E-5200001 to 5299999
North America Chassis No. JH2PD03XXFK200001 to FK299999, Engine PD03E-5200001 to 5299999
1986 model only in North America Chassis # JH2PD03XXGK300001 to GK399999, Engine PD03E-5300001 to 5399999
In Europe, the 85 model continued to be delivered
model year 1987 chassis number PD03-5200001 to 5299999, Engine PD03E-5200001 to 5299999
USA chassis number JH2PD03XXHK400001 to HK499999, Engine PD03E-2400001 to 2499999
Canada chassis number JH2PD030XHK400001 to HK499999, Engine PD03E-5400001 to 5404025

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