Lever, brake for Honda XR and XLR 53175-MG3-640 - 53175-MG3-640

Lever, brake for Honda XR and XLR 53175-MG3-640

8,29 € 9.95 excl VAT
New part totaly same as genuine Honda 53175-MG3-640
XL250R from 1985
XR250R 1984 and 1985
XR350R 1984 and 1985
XR500R 1983 and 1984
XR600R 1985 to 1987
XL600R (without electric start)
Fit also in place of 53175-MG3-000/53175-MG3-405/53175-KN5-650
CAUTION starting from 86 the XR350 for sale here
The small cylinder to push the piston of the brake master cylinder for sale here

To prevent the breakage of the lever in a fall, it is better to use medium thread lock (blue) and to tighten the screws of the bracket, leaving the possibility for the bracket to turn on the handlebars in the event of a fall.
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