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XR HONDA, she come back !
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March 2021, Moto Verte the most famous french off road magazine publishes a report on our Honda XR specialist restoration activity.
To sum up, we restore as close as possible to the origin which is a real challenge because most of the parts are no longer available. The first customers will therefore necessarily be the best served.
We have the motivation and the material to work 'red nickel' with passion above all.
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Honda thumper, how to start ?
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Starting a thumper it need to knows. But sometimes even to us specialists it happens to have difficulty in making it crack at the first time. There is a method to follow: - make sure you have gasoline and that the ignition is on for the XLRs. Also check on XLRs that the circuit breaker is set to ON. - lower the kick lever until you hear the small 'click' of the automatic decompressor. Let the kick lever go up. At this time you have to press the kick lever as hard and as quickly as possible in order to get the engine running as faster as possible. When cold, on the dual carburetor versions you will not open the throttle at all. When hot, slight opening around 10° of rotation at the handle. On the other hand, when cold on the single carburetor versions, the throttle must be opened slightly +/- 20 °.- when cold, put the choke fully. If it is more than 15° c, putting it in half may be enough. - once successful, if the engine is cold, the bike will be warmed up slowly while maintaining the throttle on the handle, so as not to stall. The choke will be lowered halfway as soon as the engine responds to the throttle. Finally, if she doesn't start on the 3rd or 4th kick, it means that you have flooded the spark plug. There are two solutions. The first one from Wales, go have a good beer with the friends and come back after 15 to 20 minutes. The second if you are in a hurry is to ventilate the engine. For that you will open the throttle fully, cut the choke, activate the hand decompressor and press the kick lever 4 to 5 times. By sending a lot of air and little gas you will dry the plug. After that you can do as if it were your first attempt. - a bike parked for more than a week or two will have gas in the carburetor which has reduced its ability to burn. It is good to drain the carburetor tank before attempting to start thanks to the small tank drain screw. Gasoline fresh from the tank greatly increases the ability to start.
To prevent any kick back you will never open the throttle more than 30°
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