Motorcycles - HONDA DAKAR XR550 1982

The Honda factory became directly involved for the first time in 1982. It was the Research and Development department that assembled 5 bikes. The objective is going to be reliability on stages which can cover 1000km in the day. For this the gearbox is reduced to 4 speeds with wider, more robust gears, the displacement is increased to 550 for more torque and flexibility. Engine oil capacity is increased by 0.5 litres. The engine will be able to run with a low oil level thanks to the bearing mounting on the camshaft. 40 or 50 liter tank depending on the stages.
In the end Honda is full of success with the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 13th places at the finish.

Specialist for Honda XR, CLASSIC RED rebuilds 3 replica of this mythical bike from the original XR550 belonging to Cyril Neveu (5 times winner of the Paris Dakar).

Delivered ready to ride every day, our motorbikes are sold with a 2 years warranty.

CLASSIC RED is the workshop approved by Cyril Neveu to take care of his Honda HRC motorcycle collection